The Hustle is Real (?)


Hustle… “to move or work in a quick and energetic way”

This is the context I’m using “hustle” in… Google that word and be amazed by the many definitions.

The Hubs and I own a couple businesses as well as maintaining our full time jobs.  To say we have a lot keeping us busy could be an understatement… If we were straight up hustling.

Truthfully, I know how to look great on the outside.  I can say the right words, take the right actions, get excited like all my friends and continually try to grow myself as a person.  Sometimes you can act your way into being… You can do something enough that you assimilate it into your life and you really do become that way.  But I know that I walk right down the middle – not doing enough to actually hustle but doing enough that I look like I’m rocking it out.  Because people pleasing. Because it’s sometimes easier to care more about how people see you than to do something that will actually change your life. Because it’s just straight up easier… Until everyone else moves forward and you’re left behind wallowing in your “whoops” moment.

P.S. Disclaimer: If I had credibility when it came to hustling, there would be no need for this blog post.  So there’s that.

Hubs and I own a network marketing business and a photography business.  One allows us to build it once (if we hustle) and one is traditional business ownership.  One of our mentors brought this thought to the table… “How do you view building your business?  Are you running a 200 yard dash or a marathon?”  How hard we work determines the length of the race we all choose to run.  It all starts with how I think about what I am doing.  What are my goals, dreams and aspirations?  Do they permeate my life and my decisions or do they just sound like fantastic ideas that get praise from other people?  I was reminded that there may not be a defined time frame and I can’t say that on [insert date here] then everything will have gotten its stuff together.  What I can say is that there is a defined end to our business goals.  Do what we need to now, do it enough now and then realize the rewards of your work.

I don’t want to be that person that can speak freely about what they need to do and admit to their lack of effort but then they don’t let that change them.  I want to change but that responsibility is mine and mine alone. Self-management and stuff.

Let’s hustle, homies.  I believe you can.  I believe I can.