For my Brother

This is Noah


He’s my little brother and today is his birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

We haven’t always had the best of relationships, but we have been and always will be family. And you know what Lilo says about family… 😉 If not… Google it.

Things I admire about Noah..

He is the athletic sibling… He ran cross country, played basketball on the court and a bunch at home.. I was not gifted with such talent:)

When he decides something, that’s how it is going to be – while that can be a weakness, it can very much be a strength

Did you know he not only plays piano but sings too?! And well, I might add!

He’s going to school for ASL, you guys! That’s not a language we were around a lot as kids but he is doing an amazing thing by learning and growing himself.

Did I mention he’s pretty smart too…? Not just looks, that one.

To Noah:

I wish for you all the best this next year of your life. I hope that no matter where life leads you and where it leads me, you remember that I have your back and that I love you.

Keep an open mind, love your friends, family and God most of all. He hasn’t failed you.

Stick to your guns on those important decisions and to what is RIGHT.

Keep working hard in school — You will succeed in anything you do if you keep your desire in front of your eyes consistently.

Find your WHY – what do you want to do most… Then.. Do It.. Even when you’re told its silly or dumb or you’ll never be able to.

Haters gonna hate. 😉 Don’t let them suck the joy of life from you.

You can be amazing… And you will be.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Love you,